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Was 2020 really all that bad?

I would love to be a fly on the wall when you read that title, I can hear the comments now! "Hell yeah it was", "you bet it was, the worst year of my life", I am sure the list goes on and on. I chuckle to myself just thinking of the responses honestly!

But look past that and really think about it, was it that bad. On the surface it looked terrible, we lost almost every wedding we had for two whole months, and when that is the only source of income, THAT was incredibly scary. Do you know what we did though, WE ADAPTED! Even after weddings took back off, things were not the same, masks were to be worn, (which totally sucks by the way), crowds were much smaller, the DJ side of the industry took a huge hit, but, WE ADAPTED!

See that is where the silver lining lies in 2020. Yes at times it has been a complete and utter shit show for lack of a better term. The uncertainty, and fear that seemed to be just around every corner, made us live our lives differently, that is for sure. But as I have said so many times, different is not always bad. Different forced us to re-evaluate how we ran RG1 Productions and Heart Crossed Films, it forced us to adapt to a different wedding scene than we were used to, but most of all it made us grow.

YES, I said grow, while many people simply chose to have the doom and gloom attitude which is so easy to do in such difficult times, Sara and I chose to grow our business to do different things. To be successful in other areas we had never considered before. We were just starting to really get our foot in the door in Florida when all of this happened, and it felt like someone, smashed our foot with the door, shot us in the kneecap and threw ice water on our head as the door slammed shut, But instead of tucking tail and running, we found a crow bar and pryed it back open.

It changed our attitude no doubt, Our lives had been go go go for the last four years and it all came to a screeching halt! We had the opportunity to spend time with the boys, and enjoy our home. Something we had regretfully taken for granted.. We have always been big on celebrating the little things along the way and not always working toward some big time end goal, that may or may not ever come to pass. We had drifted away from that in our personal lives because we were so focused on it in our professional lives.

So we played games, we had family challenges, we documented them, we shared them, and we had FUN! Fun in 2020 is something not a lot of people have had, I get that. But in order to have fun, and to grow, and to re-evlaluate, you have to be willing to adapt and to change.

2020 was a hell of year no doubt, but I truly believe when we look back, we will all be able to appreciate the effect 2020 brought to our lives. While some have failed, that failure may open a new door they never knew was possible, While some have skimmed by it may make them take an alternate route with their personal life or business that will finally allow them to flourish! And, most importantly it will make all of us much more prone to ADAPTING to changes in our lives that our out of our control.

As 2021 approaches and brings with it a brighter shinier year, lol, let us all remember what 2020 taught us, and how it helped us grow. If you have not had some positive change from 2020, there is still time. Get out there and be the change you want in your life! Success is never owned, it is simply rented, and that rent is due EVERY SINGLE DAY!


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