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More Than Just A Pair Of Shoes

For those who know me, you know, I have never really been in to the flashy things. I have never needed the newest trends, the latest fads, or the shiny new toys. Material things just have never had a real place holder for me and my personality. I say all this only to tell you the story of a pair of shoes. Yes, you heard that correct, a pair of shoes. But these are not just any shoes.

When I began working at Andriots around 7 years ago, BJ brought in a pair of shoes that he had purchased online, that happened to not fit him. He told me they would be more trouble than it was worth to return them and asked if I'd like to have them. Of course I took the shoes, I mean come on, who doesn't want a pair of free shoes. Honestly, I didn't even try them on before I took them home.

The next day I put them on right before work, and low and behold, PERFECT FIT. I wore them to work and they became pretty much my everyday shoes. Why all this story telling for a pair of shoes you may ask. Well, let me explain.

You see If I bought a new pair of shoes every few months, they would have no story. They would be just another pair of shoes that ended up in the back of the closet never to be seen again. But that was not what was meant for these! These were my shoes, these were the shoes that would see my whole life change over the course of a few short years. You see, these shoes saw me through the start of my business, they were there every step of the way as Sara and I made the decision for me to give it a go full time with RG1 Productions. These shoes were right there for almost every karaoke show, then they walked with me right into the wedding industry. I cannot even begin to count the hours I have worn these shoes Djing weddings, or the steps I have taken in them while filming! If you are gathering I may have an emotional attachment to these, you would be correct! Many times I have looked at new dress shoes and passed on them because I figured the ones I had got me this far, no point in changing now.

The soles are beyond worn and I have went through multiple sets of Dr Scholl's inserts to get them by. #notsponsored LOL I took some of the most nervous steps of my life in these shoes. I have taken some of the biggest risks one can take in these shoes. Most importantly I made the jump in these shoes. The jump that forever changed me as a person, for the better. I will forever be grateful for this free pair of shoes that have walked so many valuable important steps with me over the last several years.

With all that said, today I broke down and bought another pair. It is time, time for some new steps. These have served me well, and I am glad that I had held in there with them as long as I did. It is important to me to appreciate every small thing that has been a part of our ever evolving journey. Even the shoes on my feet. Shoes, that I am so thankful to have gotten. Shoes that will always make me remember the hard times, the tough walks, and the not so easy steps that brought me here. And, in case you are wondering, yes I bought the exact same pair. I am sure there will be many important steps in these new shoes, but I wonder if they will ever really compare to the trusty ones that brought me so far!

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