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Heartcrossed Team


Ron Middleton
                  Lead Editor

When Ron founded Heart Crossed Films with his wife in 2017, they had one goal in mind, to provide wedding videos that clients could cherish forever! He goes into each project with a positive attitude that is infectious and has a positive effect on everyone working with him. He works hard to get better with each project and try new innovative ideas to progress Heart Crossed to the next level of wedding film making!

Sara Middleton

As the co-founder of Heart Crossed Films Sara's passion is unmatched! The moment she gets a camera in her hand, she comes to life. The creativity and natural eye she brings to the table is an invaluable asset to each video that we produce! Through that passion she takes on each wedding day as if it were her own, with a desire to produce a video that the Bride & Groom can cherish forever




Megan Oskins


Megan came on board with Heart Crossed in 2018! She was not however new to the wedding industry. She has worked as a photographer for several years and we were lucky enough to talk her into giving video a try! She jumped in head over heels with a drive and passion that is unmatched! From the first time she picked up the camera, she has been the model of what it means to capture life's beautiful moments!

Gena Moffett


Gena joined the Heart Crossed team in 2018! She has been an amazing scenic photographer for several years! While her primary concern was videoing people we quickly realized she is a natural in all forms of capturing moments on the fly! She brings a level of creativity to every video shoot that completely changes the feel of the entire project! 

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