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A Long Road To a Beautiful Adventure

June of 2017, that is when it started. Many have asked us about this date, why then, what was the inspiration, how did you do it? All of these fall back to a beautiful venue in the rolling hills of Bowling Green Kentucky. The setting, Casons Cove. This place is one of the most stunning places to have a wedding that we have ever saw, still to this date.

We were there to DJ, however, something told me when we made the drive to Bowling Green that day to take the drone along. See we had been in the wedding industry as DJs and coordinators for going on 7 years! We were so comfortable with our role in wedding days it was monotonous. You see we had always loved providing entertainment at weddings and receptions, and this day was going to be no different, Beautiful couple, beautiful venue, a great crowd who loved to dance, this was shaping up to be one of our best yet.

Shortly after arriving at Casons Cove we had a little free time and I decided to take the my DJI Phantom 4 up for a short flight to snap some aerial photos of the layout and venue. After beginning the flight I saw stunning this area and venue truly was. I told Sara right then, I have an idea, and I think it is going to be amazing. I ran straight to the bride and asked her permission to do an aerial photo of her wedding guests. She happily agreed and the stage was set.

As soon as we got through the event portion of the reception we took all the guests outside in a grassy area behind the venue and began shaping them into a giant heart. All those marching band formations from years ago were finally starting to come in handy. Once we were happy with where everyone was we placed the bride and groom in the center, and took off with the drone yet again. We captured the aerial shot I was looking for! After going home later and going over the event we kept going back to the short video and picture that we had taken. Always ever critical of myself, I began to nitpick every aspect of the photo and clip. It was at that point my wife, who always keeps me in check, looked at me and said, "take it for what it is, an amazing moment captured for the bride and groom".

From that point on we knew what the next step for our company was, capturing beautiful moments for happy couples on their wedding days. From this idea and goal, Heart Crossed Films was born. We are so blessed to have had such great support from our friends, family, and most importantly brides and grooms who pass our name along! Blessed far more than what we deserve, we will continue to do our very best every client, every time.

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