This is our most budget friendly package! We will provide 5 hours of coverage on the wedding day. This includes one videographer and is perfect for someone looking just to capture snippets of their wedding day. This package provides a 5-7 minute highlight video. This package does include a stationary ceremony video. The most common use of the hours in this package is 3 hours prior to the ceremony, an hour for ceremony and two hours after the ceremony for reception events!


This package is our most often used of our services. This provides you with one  videographer, with 7 hours of coverage for your wedding day and is perfect for capturing most of the days events. With this package you will receive a 7-10 minute highlight video, Your events in a raw edit format, including the major events, such as first dance, event dances, cake cutting, toast as well as all wedding day details. This package includes highlights of the ceremony as well as a full stationary video of  the ceremony. The most common use of the hours in this package is 4 hours prior to ceremony, 1 hour for ceremony and 3 hours following ceremony to capture all events at reception!


This package is for the couple that wants every moment of their wedding day to cherish forever. This package provides one videographer and includes 10 hours of wedding day coverage, as well as two additional hours prior to the wedding day, for either a pre-wedding interview or a love story engagement video. With this package you receive a 10 plus minute highlight video, a stationary ceremony video, the love story or pre-wedding interview video, all events from reception in raw form as well as a 60 second mini highlight delivered within 48 hours of ceremony. The hours for this package are the most versatile and gives you full coverage of all getting ready events as well as all reception events and free dancing. 


A La Carte 

The Emerald package is designed as an elopement package. With this package you get two hours of coverage. We arrive about 30 minutes prior to the ceremony, video the ceremony details and the ceremony itself, and then a couples shoot after the ceremony. With this package you receive a stationary ceremony video and a 1-2 minute highlight video. (please note the option for a second shooter is not available with the Emerald package)

- a second shooter can be added to any package, except the emerald package, for an additional $275.00

- The 60 second mini  highlight can be added to the Sapphire or Ruby packages for an additional $100.00